First Three-Page Review Assignment
Nation State
Due Thursday, September 12, 2002 no later than 4:00 PM

In no more than and no less than three pages describe the development of the nation-state.  Develop a coherent argument about its development.  Defend it with citations from the textbook as well as Machiavelliís The Prince.  Make sure to avoid summarization.  You are limited to 3 pages; summarization will eat up too much of this precious space.  Please be sure to use proper citations.  All arguments must be backed up logically.  Use an extra page for your bibliography.  You may use a cover page if you wish.

Journal article option:
You may take care of one of your journal article reviews by finding a relevant article to the topic above.  Its inclusion in the review above will certainly strengthen any reasonable arguments.  If you decide to take this option include the article summary on extra page after your bibliography.

Second three page review assignment