Syllabus Addendum
Final grade criteria

The final grade will be calculated as a sum of the following components.  Each component will receive a simple percentage, which will then be multiplied by the points it is worth.

1st Three-Page Paper  5
2nd Three-Page Paper  10
3rd Three-Page Paper  10
Final Three-Page Paper 15

Journal article reviews 10

1st Test    10
2nd Test   10
Final Test   15

Participation/Improvement 10

Geography   5

Total    100

For example a person getting a 70% in the Geography component will get 3.5 point of their final grade.  A 67% on the first paper will receive 3.35 points towards her or his final grade.

As there is no time for films in class I am going to offer film viewing as Extra Credit.  You will get credit for up to five films; they are worth one point each.  They must be chosen from the list below.  To earn the extra credit you must write a one-page summary.  Make sure to include details that will convince me of the fact that you have seen the film.

Hearts and Minds (1974 Vietnam documentary)
Battle of Algiers
500 Dunam on the Moon
Catch 22
The Panama Deception